Visitor's comments

" I've been attending 10 months now and cant praise this facility enough. Gives me a quiet place to process my thoughts before the visits. Keep up the good work and thanks for the support”.

"Out of all of the prisons I have been a visitor in, the visitor centre at Glenochil have been the most friendly and helpful for me”

"Family hub volunteers were very welcoming and it was a relaxed atmosphere. The volunteer made a great coffee and made us feel more relaxed. The information pack was helpful as this was our first visit. Thanks"

"Very welcoming and helpful staff who make you feel at ease and looked after."

"The centre was nice and volunteers were helpful, they provided good information and were friendly and welcoming."

"Thank you very much for making this daunting experience more relaxed. It’s nice to feel welcome and be given a friendly smile every time I arrive."

"Made to feel welcome, great place and warm and friendly."